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If fostering isn't right for you, consider volunteering. 


Texas Pawprints is a foster and volunteer-based rescue, we need volunteers to continue to help as many kitties as we can.  We would love to have you on our team. 


Submit an application to learn more.

Adoption Counselor

Attend adoption events, talk with perspective adopters, conduct meet and greets and help with adoption paperwork.

Adoption Event Set-Up and Tear Down

Unloading supplies and setting up tables and cages for adoption events. After events are over, follow-up tables and cages and reload supplies.

Adoption Event Support

Attend adoption events and assist with putting out litterboxes and water dishes and monitoring cages.

Foster Coordinator

Serves as the first point of contact for fosters. Screens new fosters. Match kitties with foster families. Communicates with fosters answering any questions. Notifies fosters of up-coming events and assists fosters with getting kitties listed on-line.


Pick up used bedding. Wash and return it.


Coordinate with fosters to get pictures of kitties that can be used with online listings and social media posts.

TNR Advocate

Coordinate with TNR groups when requests for TNR are received.


Assist with transporting kitties to medical appointments and adoption events when fosters aren't able. Major need transporting for spay/neuter appointments on Tuesday/Thursday morning and adoption events on the weekends.

Vet Tech

Assist with evaluating intakes and administrating medications and vaccines.


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