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Texas Pawprints (TPP) grew out of North Texas Animal Rescue, a cat sanctuary located outside the DFW Metroplex. Originally, the Dallas group would take adoptable cats from the sanctuary to find them homes. However, once the adoptable and unadoptable departments grew too large, the group split into two.

Since incorporation in 2001, TPP has helped reduce the number of stray animals in our cities by providing spay & neuter surgeries, foster and adoption services.  Our mission, along with the generosity of our donors, fosters and volunteers has enabled Texas Pawprints to assist so many wonderful loving pets find their home with cat lovers throughout Texas.

TPP’s Founder and Director, Laniq Adams, dedicates her time and resources to helping animals in need. The organizations staff, dedicated board members, and interns keep our programs flourishing.

Texas Pawprints philosophy is simple:


If an animal crosses our path and needs help, and we can help,

We Help!


We care for animals that have no other place to go, and our rescues frequently arrive very young, very old, or injured.


We do not euthanize feline leukemia-positive cats and adhere to a strict no-kill policy.

There are heartbreaks and challenges with such animals, but we strive to help these pets in need get the medical care they require and the loving homes they deserve.

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